Learning in the age of COVID

Learning in the age of COVID

When news of COVID-19 broke, our daily classes were suspended. We were forced to bring our classes online through webinars to reach out to the community and our stakeholders. As a result, we organised webinars. 

Our webinars demonstrated that there were greater learning opportunities for everybody once our classes could be made online. We received record numbers of participants especially for our China Immersion Programme. Participants were taught Business Mandarin, Cultural Norms, Outsourcing in China and epayment systems.

Many participants feedbacked that a course in this would be useful in their career, given that China was now going to be the world’s fastest growing economy. In addition, some participants managed to clinch remote internships and job opportunities through our corporate meetup session. 

As the age-old adage goes; with every crisis comes an opportunity. At Aceninja, we take pride in being able to mitigate crisis and deal with problems head on. That is the spirit we imbue.