Aceninja has worked with a diverse set of companies. We are recognised for our excellence in our products and services. Below is the list of startups, small and medium sized enterprises(SME), multinational companies (MNCs), non-profit organisations and religious organisations we have worked with and their reference pages.


"Just one word for all of Aceninja’s product and services. Excellence."

— Tracy, Singapore Polytechnic

"The best education consultants there are in Singapore."

— Amir, Race Academy

"Excellent product as delivered"

— Jeff, Sim Lim Square

"Fantastic service. Nobody does it better than them."

— Col, Integral Plus Service

"We have ordered acrylic sheet for Angullia Mosque Minbar from Aceninja. We received great support from Lee and team during the critical time. They made quick arrangements due to our tight schedule and things followed through perfectly and perfect timing. Great Price Awesome Quality and detailing of the end product. Angullia Mosque will recommend them if you need their services. Good work Lee and Team."

— Hafiz, Angullia Mosque