A-Level Programme

"We are the first tuition centre in Singapore to cater to every subject in the GCE A-Level Programme."

Our A-level Programme is catered to students and private candidates preparing for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examinations for entry into local Singapore universities. (National University of Singapore(NUS), Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Our students enjoy the fun and engaging lessons, where we break down complex and difficult concepts into simple key ideas. Students are guided at their own pace and lessons are tailored to individual learning styles. We also ensure our students learn important study and examination skills, to help them excel in their current and future studies.

We prepare all our students for both higher education and entry into the workforce. They are encouraged to learn beyond the syllabus and think creatively. Through our programs, our students will be prepared for industry and future ready.

We offer the following subjects:

Discipline Subject H1 H2 H3
Knowledge Skills General Paper X
Project Work X
Knowledge and Inquiry X
Languages Chinese /Malay / Tamil X
French X
German X
Japanese X
Humanities & the arts Art X X X
Economics X X X
Geography X X X
History X X X
Literature in English X X X
China studies in English X X X
China studies in Chinese X X
India studies X X
English language & linguistics X
General studies in Chinese X
Chinese language & literature X X
Malay language & literature X X
Tamil language & literature X X
Music X X
Theatre studies & drama X
Management of business X
French X
German X
Japanese X
Mathematics & science Biology X X X
Chemistry X X X
Physics X X X
Mathematics X X X
Computing X
Principles of accounting X
Our Students Are Our Focus

Our Students Are Our Focus

Being student-centric is our core value.

Every student has the potential to succeed.

Our team works together with industry partners and curriculum advisors to constantly upgrade and rethink learning methods. We only hire tutors with the right attitude and relevant qualifications to maintain the ideal student environment for you. All our teaching materials are carefully prepared by our team and based on the current polytechnic and university syllabus.

Our programmes will have a transformational effect on all our students, with improvements beyond just grades.

Instructors & Facilitators

Our Instructors

Our instructors bring out the best in every student. We strongly believe in nurturing every student. We cater to the different needs and learning styles of every student, to bring out the best in each student.

Many of our instructors are former polytechnic and university students, who are intimately familiar with the struggles of being a student. They also come from different professional backgrounds and have industry relevant knowledge to teach the skills required.

Our instructors are currently working in companies such as Alphabet, Anglo American, Amazon, Barclays, Canon, Deloitte, Edelman, Google, Grab, Haier, Infineon, Keppel and other government statutory boards and major corporations.

Inspiring Leaders

Our instructors don’t just impart skills. They share their personal experience and motivate their students to get out of their comfort zone and achieve their full potential. They are passionate about their fields and areas of teaching.

Continuous Learning

The world is continuously changing and skills quickly go out of date. Likewise, our tutors also have to keep up with the changing environment. They are given lessons in pedagogy, lesson delivery, refresher courses and grades marking before they can teach. Tutors also work with our team to ensure best practices so that the best lesson can be delivered for every student.

The Aceninja Advantage


  • One on one lessons
  • Small group tuition
  • Customised to individual student’s learning styles


  • Supplementary study materials to extend beyond current polytechnic curriculum
  • Additional University-level course materials to prepare for future higher education
  • Practical resources on effective studying and exam preparation strategies


  • Emphasis on real-life cases
  • Relevant and industry specific case-based learning


  • Access to future employers
  • Industry mentoring
  • Free resume and professional network building courses

Why Aceninja?

1. We are Focused

And our focus is to help you. We want to help you achieve your goals.

2. Bespoke Learning

Our programs are based upon your learning style, where we want you to learn at your own pace (one on one and small group lessons). A one-size fits all approach is outdated.

3. Affordable

You pay prices that are friendly to your wallet. We have a series of programs that fit all your learning requirements and ability to pay.

4. Comprehensive

We teach content beyond the syllabus to prepare students for higher education institutions. Our final goal is to get you ready for university.

5. Competitive Edge

Many of our students have been admitted to the six local universities, NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SUSS and SIT as well as prestigious overseas universities in Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America.

6. Future Proof

Our students work in distinguished careers in the fields of Business, Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Life Sciences.

Our Services

1. One on One Tuition

1. One on One Tuition

Many students find large group lectures difficult to understand. We provide individualised lessons, allowing constant and meaningful interaction between student and tutor. Our instructors understand that different students have different speeds and styles of learning and will work with you to ensure you understand before moving on.

2. Industry Mentoring

2. Industry Mentoring

We will create opportunities for you to meet industry players in your field of study. This will allow you to gain industry mentors and acquire valuable experience.

3. Small Group Tuition

3. Small Group Tuition

Lessons are conducted in groups of no more than 4 students. This is to ensure no student will be left out or left behind.

4. Crash Courses

4. Crash Courses

Your GPA is important to you, and important to us. Before a major exam, we will have crash course sessions to help you recall key concepts which will be tested, and to learn exam skills.

5. Corporate Visits

5. Corporate Visits

Our final goal has always been to provide a transformational experience, hone your skills, and help you get opportunities to further your education or improve your standing in the workplace. We have partnered with companies in the industry, and can help you network with other industry professionals for internship and work experience.

6. Job Consultation

6. Job Consultation

We provide workshops to help you prepare for and land your dream job, and cover aspects such as resume writing, job applications and interview skills.

Track Record

Our focus on quality teaching and learning has been instrumental in our student success. Our students have reported at least a 10-15% improvement in their grades after signing up with Aceninja, with a majority qualifying for local and overseas university admission.




Improvement Rate



Are you a private candidate struggling with your examinations?

Are you retaking your A Level examinations?

Are you from polytechnic looking to enter university through the A Level route?

Just a little secret. The founders of Aceninja were once private candidates themselves who repeated A-Levels and eventually managed on their own through arduous self-study. It is possible to get into your dream course. Contact us today for more information.



"Aceninja is one of the foremost tuition agencies that cater specifically to the JC market. They offer a wide range of programs that are suited to my learning style and progress in school. Anybody enrolled in a local JC should make them their first choice!"

— Firadus, Anderson Junior College, now studying at SMU School of Business


"The success of your A-Levels is important towards securing a place in a local university. I take my education seriously, and Aceninja tuition helps me to revise my concepts at my own convenience. I signed up for my JC’s peer tutoring programme, but because it was taught by students themselves, I couldn’t really grasp the concepts. Here at Aceninja they are taught by professionals and undergraduate and master’s students."

— Samantha, National Junior College, now studying at NUS Faculty of Engineering


"Aceninja provides free learning resources that are absolutely a life saver. It preaches the motto that all learning tuition agencies should adhere, tuition for everybody regardless of their background."

— Timothy, Innova Junior College, now studying at NTU School of Art, Design and Media

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