Plexiglass, our flagship acrylic product, is a type of thermoplastic that has a wide range of benefits in various applications.

We sell plexiglass.

Infinite applications for the modern business.

Going further and beyond industry-standard acrylic sheets, which uses the extrusion process. Plexiglass manufacturing involves the more strenuous cell cast process, making Plexiglass the optimum and cost-effective material, for a plethora of use cases.

  • 17 times stronger than glass.
  • Designed for safety, stability and also ease of use. More permanent installation can be requested.
  • Outfitted with industry leading equipment to ensure that all of our customers receive exceptional quality and customization options.
  • 100x100mm Samples, accompanied with the material test report, available upon request.

Our Product Benefits:

  • Transparent and clear
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Singapore Quality Controlled

Customized Fitting & CAD Modelling for your Workspace

We understand that workplaces do not have similar layouts. Office furniture comes in different dimensions. Therefore, we offer a unique value proposition that is one of the first in Singapore. Our engineers and contractors will head down and take measurements, and provide you with a personalized recommendation that is designed to fit your business workplace best!


Customized CAD Modelling for your Needs

Our Product Catalog of Plexiglass

Clear Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

Clear Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

One of the most popular varieties of acrylic sheets is a clear sheet. With regard to the different dimension sorts, this kind is really exceptional. Acrylic roofing sheets, sinks, bathtubs, aquariums, and other products are just a few examples of the many uses for clear acrylic sheets.

Matte Coloured Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

Matte Coloured Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

Matte Colored Plexiglass, which is soft to the touch, is perfect for creating a distinctive yet understated cabinetry style. Cabinets have a cozier appearance and feel thanks to the flat finish of this high-end material, which absorbs light rather than reflecting it.

Tinted Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

Tinted Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

UV radiation can damage priceless items. After the invention of the sun tint coatings for acrylics, this is no longer a problem. In order to reduce the cost of the material, it also regulates the temperatures in any building. As a result, this sheet provides incredible protection from the sun's damaging rays. This sheet also has the benefit of not bubbling or peeling as it ages. They significantly reduce solar glare and solar energy transmittance.

Coloured Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

Coloured Plexiglass Sheet (2,3,4,5mm)

If you want an acrylic sheet alternative that is colorful and lively, you might choose colored acrylic sheeting. For your selection, they come in more than twenty various tones and basic colors. These kinds can provide exceptional durability and are sturdy and attractive. Look at the fluorescent acrylic sheets in the translucent colored sheets that shine in the light if you want an acrylic sheet that stands out in terms of color.

Plexiglass Furniture

Plexiglass Furniture

Acrylic furniture has recently gained appeal once more. Despite the fact that many of the designs are timeless, more designers are creating acrylic furniture for the contemporary house, benefiting from acrylic's adaptability, light weight, affordability, and ability to refract and filter light.

Plexiglass Cabinet

Plexiglass Cabinet

Plexiglass cabinets feature an ultra-glossy look that is moisture-, UV-, and scratch-resistant, making it incredibly simple to clean with basic soap and water, maintaining its color and strength for many years.

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Suitable for offices, hawker centres, restaurants and others.

Our Engineers Ensure Structural Safety For Everyday Use.

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Testimonial from Don, Habitue Co.

"The ordering process was quick and seamless, my order was fulfilled in 5 working days and affordable."

— Don, Habitue Co.

Testimonial from Kenneth,

"Thank you for the fast service and CAD-ing with these glass panels! It is very affordable with ease of mind."

— Kenneth,

Testimonial from Kok Chung, Smartworks

"I bought 12 Plexiglass and they came down to install with good speed."

— Kok Chung, Smartworks

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