Using Weibo to enter the Chinese market for Online Education


  1. In 2017, the total scale of China's education market exceeded 9 trillion yuan.
  2. With the rapid economic development and industrial structure transformation, the demand for talents is increasing, the scale of education investment continues to expand, the population welfare and willingness to pay are huge.
  3. The “second child” policy helped preschool education usher in a strategic turning point, and the deep integration of the Internet and early education was driving growth.

Growth Trend

In 2017, China's Internet education market reached RMB 250.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 56.3%. However, compared with the overall physical education industry, the proportion of students using online education is still low, and there is still huge room for growth.


Competitor Analysis

Figure 1
Figure 1

Passive search display has a single format, small creative space, high bidding costs, and malicious clicks.

The search user interface is mostly singular, with small room for creative ads, and with high bidding costs on Baidu to appear on the first page, and on top of that loaded with spam clicks.

Figure 2
Figure 2

A quick search reveals that many are men and catered for middle-aged users with low conversion.


 The cost of online advertising is too expensive. The main advertising targets single males (given that men usually outnumber women in China and many attend classes on how to date females)


  1. It is difficult to find ideal customers and to find target customers.
  2. Difficulty in converting customers, high unit price and difficulty in converting impressions to leads, and this resulted in high losses.
  3. Competition among competitors is fierce, and marketing costs are increasing.

Solution 1 

Difficulty in segmenting the market and finding customers 

Weibo Empowerment-Platform Attributes

Weibo’s daily users exceede 190 million, which is highly matched with the online education population.


Weibo Empowerment-Super Fantong System or Fan Connect


Above are the different types of fan connect ads.

Super Fantong can accurately find the audience for reaching customers.


Problem 2

Competition among peers is fierce, and marketing costs are increasing day by day.

Peer case

  1. Take advantage of official Weibo to build brand image to promote.
  2. The form of advertising: Big Picture card or 大图卡片
  3. An example of such content:

"Free collection" stimulates users' desire to click;

"Limited to the top 50 to receive", hunger marketing, attract users to sign up.


Using your personal weibo account create a Facebook ad to promote your product.

Advertising format: video card

Copywriting content: The blog post takes the form of repeated forwarding, and involves hunger marketing.


Customer resource cost: 100-150 yuan

Problem 3

High customer acquisition price, difficult conversion rate and low retention rate

Key Statistics

Customer resource cost 100-150 Yuan

Effective consultation rate 70%

Transaction conversion rate 5%

ROI: 1: 1.2

What should we do?

Copy editor:

  1. The form of video card forwarding
  2. 2.1 yuan experience course, fits the user's own interests.

Video content:

The video is a scene where children are learning, showing the learning situation, and the user experience is more intuitive.

Crowd orientation:

  1. Age 23-45 years old
  2. Gender: female
  3. Urban investment
Above figure: Banner of the body page
Above figure: Banner of the body page


Advertising Budget Breakdown

Advertising budget

1) Pre-test: Budget 10,000 Yuan 

Test cycle: one week

Daily budget: 1000 Yuan

Customer cost: 150-180

2) Medium-term stable release: 50,000 budget, stable advertising

Daily budget: 5000

Customer cost: 120-150

3) Later increase: Budget 200,000 Yuan 

Daily budget: 20,000+

Customer cost: 100-150

Estimated ROI 1-1.2 

The education industry has an important impact on Weibo

There are 45 different education segments and genres with monthly reading volume of over 1 Billion, and out of these 45, 25 of them have a monthly reading volume of over 10 Billion


Examples of Key Opinion Leaders(KOL) on Weibo


Weibo Empowerment-Brand Building Strategy

Strong Exposure: Show to 191 million daily active users of Weibo in the first place. 

App Boot Header
App Boot Header

Keyword Analysis

Crowd Segmentation

Targeting specific user groups with keywords to ensure maximum reach of advertising efforts.

Resource Monopoly

Important keywords in search can only be purchased by a single customer at a time, and they have exclusive high quality promotion 

Conduct Public Relation

Instantly receive the latest public opinion information; and better manage brand awareness and reputation


The advertisement is displayed to fit the screen size, and user acceptance is high.


Weibo helps the quality and effectiveness of online education to be integrated.

Our Services

  1. Consulting services: full-service support for customer service with certification of advertising experts.
  2. Online advertising: order-account-plan, one step.
  3. Account management: professional guidance, reply to customers within 24 hours.
  4. Effectiveness evaluation: weekly marketing report and follow-up guidance.